Am I insured if I give my motorbike to a potential buyer for a test ride?

Before you take your motorbike for a test ride, it is strongly recommended that you review the terms of your insurance policy. You should check the terms and conditions of the loan of your handlebars.

Make sure you have insurance when you allow a potential buyer a test ride

Trying out a motorbike is common before you decide to make a final purchase. It is an important step to ensure that the buyer is not tricked into buying. It is possible to encounter unfavourable situations during the test ride. There is an insurance for potential future buyers. The seller's insurance will take care of any damage caused by the motorbike. The seller must indicate his desire to sell his motorbike in order to arrange the test ride. The seller's insurance covers the vehicle. Once the motorbike has been purchased, the buyer must have insurance. Most insurance policies offer the possibility for the insured motorcyclist to lend or test the motorbike.

Motorbike insurance to cover the potential buyer

In the case of a sale, the seller's insurance policy guarantees the possibility of a test ride before the purchase of the motorbike. Normally, this is an exceptional loan for a short period. The test ride does not have to be paid for. It should be noted that the test driver must have a valid driving licence. The seller must demand this proof in order to allow the test ride. The test ride of a motorbike is private lending. Conditions may be required by the insurance company.

What you should know about motorbike insurance during a test ride

During the test ride, there are possibilities to face an accident. If the exceptional driver is considered to be at fault for the accident, the opposing insurer will be obliged to pay for all damages. If the accident was caused by a third party, the third-party liability insurance will cover bodily injury and property damage in the accident. It is possible that the tester is the main cause of an accident, the damage will be covered provided that the seller has comprehensive insurance. You should have as much evidence as possible before you take your bike for a test ride. This means keeping evidence of the sale of the motorbike. The aim is to be able to justify yourself to your insurer in the event of an incident.
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