How do I choose my motorbike helmet?

Wearing a helmet when riding a motorbike is a legal requirement in France. Designed to protect your head in case of impact, this equipment must be chosen with care to avoid haemorrhaging, bruising and fractures. Here are the various criteria to take into account before choosing the right model for you.

A model that promotes your safety and comfort

Choosing the right motorbike helmet is essential for a comfortable ride, especially in windy or rainy conditions. Choose a model with a screen that protects you from noise, insects, sun, etc. It should also have a protective cover. Besides, it should be fitted with a visor, a seal and a muffler, which is necessary in cold weather. The screen gasket varies from one model to another and must ensure that your helmet is waterproof. To make the right choice, consider consulting online reviews before placing your order. In addition, choose a full-face helmet over a jet helmet to improve your safety level. You can determine the level of comfort and protection that suits you depending on the conditions outside and the use of the bike.

Check weight and size

Choosing the right motorbike helmet also means considering the weight of the helmet, depending on the materials used to make it. Full-face helmets weigh around 1600 to 1800 g, while modular helmets are heavier. Jets weigh between 1100 and 1200g on average. The model chosen must be compatible with your morphology so that it does not hinder you from moving your head or cause you muscle fatigue. Furthermore, this equipment must be small and adapted to your head size, as over time, the foams settle and the helmet is more comfortable. So, before buying a helmet, you should try it on to make sure it does not tighten and hurt your forehead.

Opt for an approved model

According to Article L. 431-1 of the French Highway Code, the rider of a motorbike and any passenger must wear an approved helmet that complies with the European standard ECE 22.05. The model chosen must meet minimum safety requirements, particularly in terms of retention system, shock absorption, etc. In addition, the letter used to determine the approval of a helmet varies according to the models chosen. Thus, approved modular helmets have the letter NP, full-face helmets have the letter P, while the letter J is used to identify jets.
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