How to stay connected while riding your motorbike?

New technology makes it possible to connect a motorbike to any location in the world. Tracking systems and GPS have become a trend for all people, rich or average. The growing insecurity rate is the main reason why people are tracking their motorbikes or cars. In case of theft, the system allows to trace the thieves and find them anywhere in the world. These devices are often accompanied and driven by smartphone applications to allow users to easily access the connection control menu, and to be able to configure the device's features.

How do I keep my motorbike connected?

To connect your motorbike, it is advisable to purchase a connection device such as a GPS box. It is very easy to find one in shops specialising in the sale of tracking materials or on You can choose boxes that have multiple functionalities and that can be controlled with a special smartphone application. Ideally, you should not buy second-hand parts, especially if they are GPS tracking tools, as you do not risk anything by buying a new device and can benefit from the warranty in case of malfunction as well as after-sales services such as (free installation and user assistance). Furthermore, if you buy a second-hand tool, it is possible that the device is hacked, and you can eventually risk losing your motorbike. The functions may be different for each type of device. Some motorbike gps trackers can come with distance measurement, tilt level and maintenance reminder functions in relation to distances travelled. All these options are offered through the GPS function. Another type of devices can be a vibration detection device which is able to trigger a remote alarm. Some other devices have call features, alerting the owner if the motorbike falls in the car park or calling the owner's relatives to warn them if the motorbike falls while in motion.  Motorbike trackers are usually connected to the motorbike's battery so that they can stay connected to satellites.

How do you stay connected on your motorbike with GPS trackers?

Apart from being able to find the vehicle in the event of theft, the motorbike GPS tracker is a real time location device. It is really essential especially for travel enthusiasts who make long journeys every day. The device will allow you to know precisely the distance travelled. It is also possible to prepare your journey with the iPhone or Android application that is linked to the tool, you have the possibility to create your own route by taking the shortest paths or according to your preferences. If you are one of those who like speed, thanks to the motorbike application, you can measure your journey time according to the number of kilometres travelled. You have the possibility to beat your own record on the same route and you can also create your own route. It is also possible to review the route you have taken through exporting in gpx format the routes you liked. This way, you can share them with others so that they can discover the same routes. You can also merge different routes to cover them all at once.

Connected motorbike: remote control

The remote-control system is a connected motorbike alarm system. You might then park your motorbike wherever you want and have peace of mind without having to regularly check whether your vehicle is still in the same place or not. There are some devices that have an app which can turn the motorbike alarm on and off. You can set it up according to your preferences. You can choose between activating the alarm to deter thieves or the silent alarm function. The latter will send you a notification without making an alarming noise if someone tries to steal your motorbike. You can also activate both functions at the same time. This is especially useful if the owner is away on a trip or at work, while the bike is parked in the car park. Once connected, even if thieves disconnect the battery, some motorbike trackers have their own battery and they can still alert you.

Why connect your motorbike?

A connected motorbike will make it easy for you to keep track of your vehicle and know what's going on while you're away. Devices that connect you to your motorbike can also alert you if your motorbike falls while parked somewhere. If you fall while riding, it will call you to see if you are OK. If you don't answer repeatedly, it will call your family and friends to let them know you've had an accident. Afterwards, it will inform your relatives when you get on the road again.
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