Taking out a car or a motorbike loan as a couple

In order to buy a car or a motorbike, a couple is fully entitled to apply for a loan to obtain the car or motorbike they want. The conditions for granting this type of credit are numerous. In general, the financial institution relies on the creditworthiness of the couple. There are a large number of formulas dedicated to couples.

Why opt for a car or motorbike loan as a couple?

Nowadays, it is possible to grant credit to two individuals who are married or cohabiting. The subscription to a car or motorbike loan as a couple is the same as for a single individual. It is clear that the purchase of a new or used car is important in the life of a couple. Indeed, the vehicle is considered a useful and necessary means of transport for the couple and for the whole family. You can contact a traditional bank or a specialised credit company. The benefits of taking out a motorbike loan as a couple are numerous. In principle, the financial adviser is rather flexible with this type of credit.

The possibility of granting a car or motorbike loan as a couple

Depending on the professional and financial situation of the two people concerned, it is possible to obtain a car or motorbike loan as a couple. For the banker, it is sufficient to obtain information to highlight the solvency of the couple in question. Before embarking on this type of credit, it should be noted that the main disadvantage lies in the possibility of the couple separating. In this situation, the matrimonial regime defined in the marriage contract should be given priority. It is mainly a question of equipment loans. In the case of a motorbike loan for a married or civil union couple, one of the spouses can take out the loan.

All you need to know about car or motorbike loans for couples

The car or motorbike loan offers the possibility of repayment by both spouses.  The financial institution will particularly study the repayment capacity of your couple. The concept of the percentage of the loan means that each person is responsible for the loan. In the case of cohabitation, the couple must take out a loan with 2 co-borrowers. The aim is to take out a joint loan. In all cases, the income of both individuals will be taken into account by the financial institution. The couple will thus be jointly and severally liable for the debt granted.
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